About the company

Darosa Education is your trusted accurate source of world class educational services. We are made of highly committed workforce dedicated to advancing best practices and policies in education for the success of each learner. The team at Darosa Education consist of highly trained and experienced teachers whose fundamental goal is to improve students learning and confidence.

We provide one-to-one and a whole group tuition. We also have a set revision days to help students with their upcoming exams. We provide tuition for: GCSE, A Level, IGCSE, MYP,PYP, IB diploma, and many more in a variety of subjects.

At Darosa Education we recognise the importance of your child’s education. We want to work with you in your endeavour to find the best support for your child.


Why choose Darosa?

About 85% of all students that come to us whether one-to-one or revision days excel in their school work, examinations and improved upon one or more grades compared to the grades they were attaining in the subject prior to coming to us. Counselling is also embedded in our day to day meeting with students hence we alleviate fear and anxiety,boost confidence, improve performance and realize success.

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